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No matter your use-case, Clearsight partners with you to apply its end-to-end IoT platform technology to your value chain and operation creating a win with IoT for you and your customers.

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Monitor, Manage, and Control

Benefit with the ability to efficiently manage all of your assets within your organization with an enterprise-grade, end-to-end IoT solution.

  • Hardware, data, mobility, and cloud are ingrained in your IoT architecture so you can better monitor, manage, and control all of your assets within the field.
  • Your data is processed to Clearsight’s dashboard so you can improve routing, automate asset allocation, and understand the status of your equipment remotely and in real-time.
  • Clearsight integrates with your workflow tools so your organization can implement changes and take action immediately.

A Partnership

Your industry and company have specific needs, which is why Clearsight becomes your partner to bring IoT to life.

  • Clearsight partners with enterprises to accelerate their business by developing custom-tailored IoT solutions that suits the complex and specific needs of the organization.
  • Any business challenge can be implemented at scale with Clearsight’s leading-edge hardware and firmware.
  • Gain the ability to effectively manage your assets and logistical supply chain with Clearsight’s software platform.

Propel Your Business Forward

The ability to monitor, control, and receive analytical data of your assets in the field yields rich insights to improve decision making, reduce operational costs, and drive productivity.

  • Move away from condition-based to predictive maintenance solutions with the ability to collect and analyze analytical data of your assets while they are in the field.
  • Reduce labor costs and prevent downtime with utilization status reports and equipment diagnostics.
  • Gain financial returns through improved efficiencies and performance of assets.

Sell More with IoT

Understand more about your customers with analytical data, learn how to turn these interactions into actionable insights, build your customer relationships, and continue to sell more with IoT.

  • With IoT, gain the ability to understand your customer’s continuous journey, behavior, and their product use, and engage with them each step of the way.
  • Enhance your customer relationships by identifying their needs and interests based on their customer data, and deliver personalized experiences with your service offerings.
  • Build brand loyalty by delivering proactive services and resolving product issues before they even occur, and upsell and cross-sell based on customer behavior and product use.

Innovate with New Business Models

Gain a competitive advantage and appropriate powerful IoT data and controls to innovate new business models, services, and revenue streams.

  • Unlock new revenue streams by capturing valuable customer data and utilizing it where the real opportunity lies, offering services when the timing is right.
  • Use your data analytics to optimize on the design and model of future products and services.
  • Grow your business with pay-as-you-go models and broaden your market with an OpEx solution, while reducing your risk with secure tracking and analytics.

Achieve Regulatory and Compliance Standards

Clearsight allows businesses to focus on their core competencies while relying on privacy-preserving technologies and a suite of back-end services that can be utilized by their employees to analyze their data on the field in real-time and meet regulatory and compliance standards.

  • Clearsight’s hardware and sensors securely track and capture asset and equipment data.
  • Clearsight’s IoT platform runs on Google’s serverless infrastructure, which adheres to stringent industry-standard protocols that keeps your business data protected as your IoT solution scales seamlessly.
  • Provide transparency and equipment health informational tools to employees with Clearsight’s dashboard to identify vulnerabilities and improve your overall compliance score.

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Unmatched experience and passion

Clearsight is a pioneer in IoT with deep experience in custom end-to-end IoT solutions.  Leveraging our experience to deliver real outcomes for partners and customers through digital transformation is our passion.  

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