Pharma & Life sciences

Clearsight's end-to-end IoT solutions combine custom hardware and data analytics to promote security and scalability for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Pharma & Life Sciences

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Pharma & Life Sciences

Companies in the pharma industry are required to follow stringent guidelines for determining the way a drug is transported, administered, and consumed. Supply chain participants experience a number of challenges adhering to guidelines as a result of a lack of control and transparency throughout the distribution process; namely, spoilage of cold chain biopharma products due to temperature fluctuations during transport. Industry participants and their consumers are also affected by the influx of counterfeit drugs constantly entering the value chain. With the proper technology, companies in the pharma industry can efficiently track and monitor their drug inventory remotely, saving them millions of dollars every year.

Pharma & Life Sciences

By partnering with industry leaders, Clearsight can serve an enterprise-grade, end-to-end IoT solution that streamlines the dispensing process for pharma companies, providing clarity and increasing scalability in the industry.

Custom Hardware

IoT-enabled reefer controller, IoT-enabled truck lock, RFID door sensors, pharmaceutical RFID tags


Cellular- and GPS-enabled devices & platform with global reach


Application for pharma companies that features a dashboard, supporting clients with the necessary insight they need to control their drug inventory

Gain complete visibility

A combination of wireless sensors provides visibility of the distribution process, capturing pharmaceutical and reefer data, from the warehouse to pharmacies and hospitals

Combat counterfeit drugs

Ability to maintain tighter control over legitimate shipments with the use of Clearsight’s RFID technology to prevent counterfeit drugs from entering the supply chain

Prevent product spoilage

Set alerts, and monitor faults of temperature in reefer units to prevent product spoilage and remain FDA-compliant

Other Clearsight Use Cases

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