Clearsight provides vehicle insurance companies with a data-enabled platform and distribution ecosystem to promote scalability and increase efficiency within the industry.


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The Internet of Things are changing the way insurance companies serve their customers and extend their markets. Lacking access to real-time data, insurers have historically appropriated a one-size-fits-all model to determine their policy rates. Most customers don't fit the mold; each have their own unique preferences and behaviors. As competition increases in the industry and consumer expectations continue to change, traditional approaches are no longer conducive for sustainable development.


Clearsight's end-to-end IoT solution is augmenting the vehicle insurance landscape with new business and distribution models.

New Distribution Models

Leverage new channels working with oems, dealers, and service providers to directly communicate with customers and sell relevant insurance projects


Clearsight's devices and sensors provides insurance companies with copious amounts of individual customer behavioral, contextual, and vehicle diagnostic data

Refine & Improve

Assess premiums more accurately with a usage- based insurance model that assesses risk based on driver behavior and vehicle operations instead of general user demographics

Automated Text & Push

Clearsight's platform captures customer data, analyzes it, and automatically sends customers sales, service, and engagement texts and push notifications at the right time

Increase CLV

Engage with your customers in a user-friendly way, assess their data to improve business practices and create better products, and more

Future Ready & Proven

Prepare for a new world by being future ready with proven technology that can unlock new business models and put your customers at the center

Other Clearsight Use Cases

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We're your IoT partner from idea, to solution, and beyond.

Delivering a full, end-to-end IoT business solution and tangible outcomes for our customers is what sets us apart. After initial deployment, Clearsight's support team manages your solution and plays the role of an active partner by improving upon the initial solution with new features, functionalities all centered around your and your Customer's IoT needs.

See how partnering with Clearsight can transform your business.

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Clearsight is the global leader in enabling Internet of Things solutions for partners and enterprises. Clearsight's experts deliver on our end-to-end, enterprise-grade IoT solution, including hardware, connectivity and platforms.

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