Heavy Equipment Rental

Clearsight's end-to-end IoT solutions for heavy equipment rental companies combine advanced telematics, entreprise fleet management, and powerful software applications.‍

Heavy Equipment Rental

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Heavy Equipment Rental

The equipment rental business is growing, and is poised for further growth. With a higher demand for rental equipment brings a myriad of rental companies operating at the local, regional, and national level. Keeping up with the demand is tough without the proper technology; there is a plethora of tasks needed to be done in order to assess how machines are operating, and to maximize the utilization and re-sale of equipment. Looking for a solution to improve efficiency and stay competitive in the market, companies in the rental equipment industry are now turning to the Internet of Things.

Heavy Equipment Rental

Cleasight’s enterprise-grade, end-to-end IoT solution provides rental equipment companies with new capabilities to securely track and manage the utilization of their equipment.

Custom Hardware

GPS module, RFID impact monitoring sensors, fuel gauge and TPSM


Secure and scalable cloud platform supported by world-wide carriers


Application that features a dashboard, allowing clients to gain insight and control of their operations, reducing their cost to operate

Securely track & gain complete visibility

Track all of your heavy equipments rentals in real-time, and monitor operating behavior

Maximize utilization

Ability to optimize equipment utilization based on location and usage

Prevent theft

Reduce risk and cost of replacement, and set alerts when equipment leaves pre-defined geofence boundaries

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